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About Us

Urban Interiors is an interior firm situated in Ubi Ave . With a group of professional interior designers, supported by their own carpentry workshop, homeowners can have a peace of mind when they know that we are handling their jobs.

Our Goals

As a trained Hbay accredited contractor, we will provide educational advise on all aspects on pricing, materials and consultation.

As to keep our services standard, we provide 'Quality Surveying Form', which will be filled up by home owners and a in house 'Staff Rating Form'. This is to ensure that our quality and services are kept tip top from the day 1.

To maintain our high percentage of successful contract rates due to,
- good pricing as we provide in house carpentry workshops and in house structure workers
- aftersales defects follow-up with 2 years workmanship warranty and 2 years material warranty
- client's referral rewards point
- state-of-the-art computer draft perspective color drawing

Why Urban
  • HDB licensed contractor,and Hbay accredited
  • Attractive promotional packages for New and Resale houses
  • Reward points for home owners who sign up with us with no time limitation on the points collected
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